Dark City Kings

Band Members: 

John Kennedy: Guitar\Vocals

John "JR" Rogers: Guitar\Vocals

Craig Rumney: Percussion\Vocals

Bayla Ostrach: Bass\Vocals

Colleen Rose: Guitar\Vocals

Joe Hooten: Guitar\Vocals

"Take your heart and lock it and small chest and hide it in the back of a bank vault - and it won’t matter at all. Dark City Kings will steal your heart with their sunny goodness and  their dark drunken debauchery, boisterous sing-a-long originals, lovelorn outlaw country, and revved up 80s torch songs" -Holy Crap Records Podcast


Maybe you heard of that daring train robbery, diverting the federal 
reserve gold train, as it wound through the tunnels and mountain 
passes between Old Fort and Black Mountain? Maybe you wondered if 
there was a connection with the Dark City Kings, the legendary train 
robber gang, rolling up to their Sunday show at the Black Mountain 
Brewery wearing fake furs and diamond-encrusted timepieces and driving 
a fleet of Bugattis and Maseratis? It's never enough. It's never too 
far. The Dark City Kings are local music legends, playing epic 
four-hour sets of covers and originals every Sunday to a growing 
audience, laughing and hooting like fools, garage rock, raw country 
heartbreak, pop hooks, and loud drunken sing-a-longs. We're a bit 
much. We go a bit too far. We have too much fun. But... oh well. We'll 
probably break your heart - and we don't really care.

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