...they channeled it into the only appropriate vessel: loud, fast, dirty, furious punk rock that ignited a mosh pit that rivaled those seen at massive punk festivals and brought the crowd together in a collective sigh of “Oh hell yes, FINALLY.” - April Fox

Glide Magazine

 Band Members: 

John Kennedy: Guitar, vocals

Chad Clay: Drums, vocals

Scott Sturdy: Bass, vocals

Joe Hooten: Guitar, vocals


PINKEYE will infect you. Straight from the Asheville underground 
PINKEYE is delirious fun. A gang of delinquents who have been around 
the music scene are playing the most fun music of their lives, 
simplifying, bursting with energy, leaning into influences from 
Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers to The Lemonheads to The Clash. 
Everything they play is filled with hooks and joy. Delirious and 
delicious fun up on stage - unable to stand still - PINKEYE is 
infectious catchy two-minute punk blasts.

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